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Wednesday, November 10, 1999

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Note to Reporters and Editors:
New Lecture Series For Extraordinary Cancer Communicators Honors Eleanor Nealon

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has announced a new series of lectures about the communication of science to the public a topic of critical importance in society today. The Extraordinary Communicators' Lecture Series is named in honor of Eleanor Nealon, an 18-year employee of the NCI, who died of breast cancer on Oct. 22. Prior to her death, Nealon was the director of NCI's Office of Liaison Activities where her persuasive style of communication had a powerful impact on the cancer community.

In naming the Eleanor Nealon Extraordinary Communicators' Lecture Series, Richard Klausner, M.D., director of NCI, said "Because she cared so deeply about their needs and concerns, and the rights and views of cancer survivors and advocates, she sparked the creation of an office for NCI that became a bridge for communication and collaboration between the institute and the community of cancer survivors. The office later became the model for the rest of the National Institutes of Health."

Speakers in the new series will be outstanding communicators who have advanced an understanding of science through their skill in communication. Three speakers will be selected each year and drawn from technology, business, academia, the media, and the advocacy community. The first speaker is expected to be selected by the spring of 2000.

The Extraordinary Communicators Lecture Series is part of an ongoing commitment by the NCI to advance the science and practice of cancer communications.