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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

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and Public Liaison

NIH Employees Win Second Large A-76 Competition

National Institutes of Health employees have won their second large competition this year under a mandated outsourcing competition known as A-76.

The Real Property Management group won when the Government's Most Efficient Organization, or MEO, was found to be effective at less cost than the proposal from a private contractor. As a result, the employee-developed bid has prevailed.

The real property management group provides services in Construction Management, Property Management and Operations, and Central Utilities.

When the MEO is in place by the end of March 2004, NIH expects to save more than 200 positions in this area. The NIH remains committed to HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson's pledge that all NIH federal employees continue to have a job.

The only other large competition this year was won by the 765-position Extramural Administrative Support Services group, as announced September 24. These were the only large A-76 competitions initiated at NIH this year.

NIH Director Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., said today, "Once again NIH employees have prepared an outstanding bid and have won the competition, once again demonstrating that we are committed to careful stewardship of taxpayers' resources. Now our challenge is to successfully implement the new management process, manage more wisely and effectively carry out the NIH mission to improve people's health."

Under long-standing regulations, which require the federal government to utilize private contractors for services when they are more efficient and less costly, government-wide competitions have been utilized to ensure that the American people receive maximum value for their tax dollars under the rules of Office of Management and Budget circular A-76; hence the name A-76 reviews.

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