NIH Press Release
National Cancer Institute

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1996

Office of Cancer Communications
NCI Press Office
(301) 496-6641

NCI Publishes New Edition of "Cancer Rates and Risks"

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has released the latest edition of "Cancer Rates and Risks," a 205-page reference book with cancer statistics and brief chapters by NCI experts on known cancer risk factors.

The first section of the book, Rates, uses tables to show cancer incidence, mortality, and survival rates. It uses charts to show how these rates have changed over time. Also included are international cancer statistics so readers can compare U.S. rates to those of other countries.

The second section, Risks, is a collection of chapters by NCI experts on environmental and genetic risk factors. Some chapters discuss which cancers are associated with a specific risk factor. Other chapters discuss which known risk factors are associated with a specific cancer site. Every chapter includes a comprehensive bibliography that readers can use as a starting point to learn more about each of the topics covered.

Consistently a popular NCI publication, "Cancer Rates and Risks" is written in lay language for science writers, public health officials, and the interested public. The latest edition is about twice the size of the previous edition and synthesizes much of what scientists have learned during the past 10 years about cancer risks. The book also could be useful to scientists who want to communicate information about cancer risk factors to the general public.

Single copies of this publication are available free to the media by calling NCI's Office of Cancer Communications at (301) 496-6641. Others can get a single free copy of the publication through the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER.