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September 1997

September 22-30, 1997
New Findings on Deformed Frogs in Minnesota, September 30, 1997
Mutant Mice Shed New Light on Cause of Aortic Aneurysms in Marfan Syndrome Sufferers, September 30, 1997
Scientists Develop Powerful Tool for Studying TB, September 29, 1997
Expanded Fellowship Program for National Medical Librarians Month, September 29, 1997
First National Scientific Conference on Lupus Brings Together Basic Scientists, Clinicians, September 29, 1997
First Grants For Innovative AIDS Vaccine Research Awarded, September 29, 1997
Preventing and Treating Heroin Use Is Focus of National Research Conference, September 29, 1997
NIH Project Set to Characterize Pfiesteria Toxins and Explore their Potential Danger to Humans, September 25, 1997
New Imaging Techniques Provide Brain Map of Cocaine-Induced Euphoria and Craving, September 25, 1997
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Expands Research Support, September 25, 1997
NIH Sponsors Roundtable to Deliberate Agency's "Reinventing Government" Initiatives, September 23, 1997

September 15-21, 1997
Health Plans in Midwest Agree to Cover Patient Care Costs of NCI Cooperative Group Sponsored Clinical Trials, September 19, 1997
PLCO Study Site in Brooklyn Closed, September 19, 1997
Researchers Find First Gene Linked to Leading Cause of Blindness, September 18, 1997
Gene for Last Major Form of Batten Disease Discovered, September 18, 1997
New Treatment Prevents Strokes in Children with Sickle Cell Anemia, September 18, 1997
NHLBI to Announce Sickle Cell Clinical Alert at Press Conference, September 16, 1997
New Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Fact Sheet, AAP Statement on Bed Sharing Now Available, September 16, 1997
NIH Seeks Nominations for "Environmental Genome" Project — A Study of Individual Susceptibility to Environmental Exposures, September 15, 1997
Mutant Gene Not Sole Explanation for HIV Non-Progression, September 15, 1997
OAM Names Eight New Members to Advisory Council, September 15, 1997

September 8-14, 1997
Low Birthweight, Early Births Found Among Infants Near Hazardous Landfill, September 10, 1997
The Adolescent Health Study, September 9, 1997
New Study Supports Need for Lower Blood Pressure, September 8, 1997

September 1-7, 1997
NIH Will Hold Public Scientific Workshop on Thalidomide: Potential Benefits and Risks, September 5, 1997
E. Coli Genome Reported, Milestone of Modern BiologyEmerges From Wisconsin Lab, September 4, 1997
Trojan Horse Virus Controls HIV Infection, September 4, 1997
NIH Researchers Report That Knockout Of Mouse Gene Results In Unexpected Social and Behavioural Changes, September 4, 1997
Nationwide Hunt for Rheumatoid Arthritis Genes Launched: National Institutes of Health and Arthritis Foundation
Announce Research Partnership
, September 4, 1997
Calcium, Vitamin D Combo Reduces Bone Loss, Fracture Rate for Older People, September 3, 1997
Gene Sequenced for Disabling Childhood Movement Disorder, September 3, 1997
HHS and EPA Move to Establish First-Ever Federal Research Centers to Protect Children's Health, September 3, 1997
U.S. Children Failing to Meet National Dietary Recommendations:Extra Fat and Added Sugar are Main Culprits, September 2, 1997
Researchers Discover First Animal Strain of Hepatitis E Virus, September 2, 1997

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