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Thursday, September 18, 1997
10:00 AM Eastern Time

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STOP Centers

  A non-table list of centers is available.

STOP Central Administrative Center: STOP Data Coordinating Center:
Robert Adams, M.D., Principal Investigator
Department of Neurology
Medical College of Georgia
1120 15th Street HB 2060
Augusta, GA 30912-3200
706-721-4670 (PHONE)
706-721-6950 (FAX)
Donald Brambilla, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
New England Research Institutes
9 Galen Street
Watertown, MA 02172
617-923-7747 (PHONE)
617-926-1142 (FAX)
STOP Peripheral Clinical Sites:
Miguel Abboud, M.D.
Pediatric Sickle Cell Program
Children's Hospital
Medical University of South Carolina
171 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, SC 29425
Coordinator: Lisa Kuisel, RN
PHONE 803-792-2264
FAX 803-792-8871
Brian Berman, M.D.
Sickle Cell Anemia Center
Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital
2074 Abington Road, Room 787
Cleveland, OH 44106
Coordintator: Claire Meetchan, RN
PHONE 216-844-3345
FAX 216-844-5431
Catherine Driscoll, M.D.
Children's National Medical Center
Dept. Hem/Onc
111 Michigan Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010
Coordinator: Linda Sumter
PHONE 202-884-2140
FAX 202-884-5685
Bea Files, M.D.
Dept. of Pediatric Hemat/Oncol
Children's Hospital of Eastern North Carolina
W288 Teaching Annex PCMH
Greenville, NC 27858
Coordinator: Laura Hoey, RN
PHONE 919-816-4676
FAX 919-816-8199
Lewis Hsu, M.D.
Dept. of Pediatrics
Emory University
69 Butler Street, SE
Atlanta, GA 30303
Coordinator: Eldrida Carter
PHONE 404-616-3572
FAX 404-616-5998
Anne Jensen-Hurlet, M.D.
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
Harkness Pavillion, 5th Floor
180 Fort Washington
New York, NY 10032
Coordinator: Brenda Martin, RN
PHONE 212-305-7005
FAX 212-305-8408
Virgil McKie, M.D.
Department of Pediatrics
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA 30912
Coordinator: Carol Whittle, RN
PHONE 706-721-9435 or 0174
FAX 706-721-2643
Scott Miller, M.D.
State University of New York
University Hospital/Kings County Hospital
450 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Coordinator: Kathy Rey, PA
PHONE 718-270-1692
FAX 718-270-1985
Nancy Olivieri, M.D.
The Hospital for Sick Children
555 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1 X 8 Canada
Coordinator: Maria Muraca, RN
PHONE 416-813-5690
FAX 416-813-5346
Charles Pegelow, M.D.
Department of Pediatrics (R131)
University of Miami Medical School
1611 NW 12 Avenue
PO Box 016960
Miami, FL 33136
Coordinator: Pansy Feron, RN
PHONE 305-243-6924
FAX 305-324-6785
Charles Scher, M.D.
Tulane Medical University
Dept. Ped/Hem/Onc
1430 Tulane Avenue, Box SL 37
New Orleans, LA 70112
Coordinator: Gayle Taplin, RN
PHONE 504-588-5412
FAX 504-584-2557
Elliott Vichinsky, M.D.
Children's Hospital of Oakland
Dept. of Hematology
747 52nd Street
Oakland, CA 94609
Coordinator: Ekua Hackney-Stephens
PHONE 510-428-3651
FAX 510-450-5647
Winfred Wang, M.D.
Mid-South Sickle Cell Center
Pediatric Hematology
777 Washington, #345
Memphis, TN 38105
Coordinator: Sylvia Harris, RN
PHONE 901-572-6791 or 6797
FAX 901-572-5211
Gerald Woods, M.D.
Section of Hematology/Oncology
The Children's Mercy Hospital
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108
Coordinator: Ramona Lindsey, RN
PHONE 816-234-3265
FAX 816-855-1700