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September 1998

September 22-30, 1998
Estimating Breast Cancer Risk, September 30, 1998
NIEHS and U.C. Davis Researchers Find Protein that May Be Key
to Non-Hormonal Family Planning and Treatment of Infertility
, September 30, 1998
Scientist Report New Strategy To Rapidly Assess Effectiveness of AIDS Drugs in Children, September 30, 1998
What Have Those Visible Humans Been Up To Lately?, September 30, 1998
New Research Helps Explain Ritalin's Low Abuse Potential When Taken As Prescribed, September 29, 1998
NSABP Announces Centers Selected for the Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (STAR), September 28, 1998
Sources of NCI Information, September 28, 1998
Prostate Cancer Gene Mapped To X Chromosome, September 28, 1998
Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty Equally Safe for Women and Men, Finds New Study, September 28, 1998
'Des Daughters' Had Increased Rates of Cancer; An Animal Study Shows 'Des Granddaughters' May Too, September 25, 1998
New Web Site Allows Public to Examine Evolution of Medical Discoveries, September 24, 1998
NIAID Scientists Discover HIV Disease-Slowing Mutation, September 23, 1998
Herceptin® Lottery Ends, Trials Expand to Include More Eligible Patients, September 22, 1998
Some CFS Patients Benefit from Low-Dose Steroid, But Side Effects Too Risky, September 22, 1998
The Visible Humans: Coming of Age, September 22, 1998

September 15-21, 1998
NIAID and NIEHS Recruit for National Cooperative Inner-City Study to Reduce Asthma Severity in Children, September 21, 1998
Your Health--The Reason to Control Your Weight, September 21, 1998
Dr. Gerald T. Keusch Appointed New FIC Director, September 21, 1998

September 8-14, 1998
Breast Cancer Prevention Trial Results Published, September 14, 1998
NIH Hosts Seminar on Eating Disorders Research, September 14, 1998
Genome Project Leaders Announce Intent to Finish Sequencing the Human Genome Two Years Early, September 14, 1998
NHLBI Announces New Cholesterol Web Site for Heart Disease Patients, September 11, 1998
Scientists Find New Clues About Fatal Childhood Disease, Ataxia Telangiectasia, September 10, 1998
New Agency Group to Review Proposed Use of Skin Sensitivity Test Using Fewer Animals, September 10, 1998
Results Of Simplified Screening For Chlamydia In Female Military Recruits Suggest Testing For All Sexually Active Young Women, September 9, 1998
NIEHS Finds Protein That Counteracts Inflammation and Wasting That May Target Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn's Disease, September 9, 1998

September 1-7, 1998
International Study Finds Mothers' Lifetime Lead Exposures May Put Breast-Fed Newborns at Risk, September 3, 1998
NIH to Hold Meeting on Public Participation in Its Activities, September 3, 1998
Researchers Identify Risk Factors For Preeclampsia in Hypertensive Women, September 2, 1998
Increase in Childhood Brain Tumors Likely Due to Better Diagnosis and Reporting: Incidence Rise Coincides with Spread of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, September 1, 1998
NIAID Announces Funding for 12 Centers for AIDS Research, September 1, 1998

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