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September 1999

September 22-30, 1999
Treatments Reduce Strep-Triggered Symptoms of OCD and Tics in Some Children, September 30, 1999
NICHD Funded Researchers Discover Gene for Rett Syndrome, September 30, 1999
NIH Awards Grants to Five Specialized Research Centers, September 30, 1999
NIH Awards Multicenter Study on Ginkgo Biloba for Dementia, September 30, 1999
Note to Writers and Editors: Researchers Identify Location of Childhood Febrile Seizures Gene, September 30, 1999
Utah Researchers Locate Childhood Fever Seizure Gene, September 30, 1999
NIH Establishes Five Mind-Body Research Centers, September 30, 1999
Nonhuman Primate Research Center Established for Biomedical Research, September 29, 1999
NIEHS Urges Safety Workers to Prepare For Y2K False Alarms and Malfunctions, September 29, 1999
NIH Institute Launches National Drug Addiction Treatment Clinical Trials Network, September 28, 1999
Reports from Special Environmental Health Issue Explore Links to Autoimmune Diseases - Diabetes, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis, September 28, 1999
Lymphoma Vaccine Enters Large-Scale Clinical Trials, September 27, 1999
Note to Reporters and Editors, September 27, 1999
NIAMS Funds the North American Spondylitis Consortium, September 27, 1999
NINDS to Announce New Parkinson's Research Centers of Excellence, September 24, 1999
Historically Black and Research-Intensive Universities Partner Under Grants Aimed at Broadening U.S. Science Base, September 22, 1999

September 15-21, 1999
NCI Assists Establishment of DNA Microarray Facilities, September 21, 1999
NIAMS Funds Multicenter Study of Surgical vs. Nonsurgical Treatment of Back Pain, September 20, 1999
NIGMS Awards Contract to Continue Operating Cell Repository, September 17, 1999
NIH Awards Study on Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate for Knee Osteoarthritis, September 15, 1999
Blueberries: New Thrills for Those Over the Hill, September 15, 1999
New Study Confirms Importance of Systolic Blood Pressure, September 15, 1999
Scientists Identify Brain Chemicals Involved in 'Switching On' Cocaine Addiction, September 15, 1999
NCI's Role in the Development of Endostatin, September 15, 1999

September 8-14, 1999
Research Network Seeks Patients for Infertility Study, September 13, 1999
NIH Awards Additional Funding for New Researchers in Women's Reproductive Health, September 13, 1999
New Study Will Assess Colorectal Cancer Screening Practices, September 8, 1999
Suggested Changes in Federal Report on Carcinogens to be Aired Sept. 15 at Public Meeting in Washington, September 8, 1999
Mini-Motor Models Nature, Advances Miniaturization Technology, September 8, 1999

September 1-7, 1999
Maternal Depression Linked with Social and Language Development, School Readiness: Maternal Sensitivity Helps These Children Fare Better, September 3, 1999
Diabetes Mellitus: A Major Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease, September 1, 1999
Differences in Human Brain Chemistry May Account for Different Responses to Stimulants, September 1, 1999

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