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November 2011 Archive

November 21, 2011

Photo of a confused man in a grocery store.

Stroke Risk Factors Linked to Cognitive Problems

High blood pressure and other known risk factors for stroke also raise the risk of developing cognitive problems. The new finding suggests that keeping blood pressure in check might help preserve cognitive health.

Photo of surgeons at work in the operating room.

Organ Transplants and Cancer Risk

Organ transplant recipients have a high risk of developing 32 different types of cancer, according to a new study. Future research may lead to better strategies for preventing cancer among transplant recipients.

Photo of ashtray filled with cigarette stubs.

Why Nicotine is a Gateway Drug

A new study in mice shows how tobacco products could act as gateway drugs, opening the door to cocaine use. The finding hints that lowering smoking rates might help reduce cocaine abuse.

November 7, 2011

X-ray of lung

Annual Chest X-rays Donít Cut Lung Cancer Deaths

A large study confirms the results of earlier, smaller trials suggesting that chest X-ray screening isnít effective for reducing lung cancer deaths.

Photo of family walking.

Switching Neighborhoods May Improve Health

Women encouraged to move with their families from a poor neighborhood to a more affluent one had lower rates of extreme obesity and diabetes 10 to 15 years later, a new study found.

Illustration of colorful gears.

Genes and the Brain

Two studies revealed gene activity in the brains of people of different genders and ethnicities, from fetal development to old age. The accomplishment provides a foundation for understanding brain development and mental disorders.

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