Trans-NIH S.pombe Initiative
Major Resources

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S. pombe project at the Sanger Centre provides the primary access into the genome:
GeneDB is the fastest way into genomic information
Genome statistics
PombeNet is a major information resource for methods, protocols, plasmid descriptions, and community news. Run by the Forsburg Lab.
On line sequence analysis resources
Gene translation table lists many homologues between S. pombe and S. cerevisiae
Expression studies and on line data from Jürg Bähler’s group
Results of genome-wide study of protein localization from Minoru Yoshida and colleagues
S. pombe epigenome page from Shiv Grewal
FYSSION, Fission yeast strains at Sussex, offers genome-scale genetics tools, including a large collection of temperature sensitive strains.
Yeast Resource Centre in Japan offers strains, clones, and plasmids
Fungal genomes at the Broad Institute will tackle related species S. japonicus and S. octosporus
There is a gene name registry and reservation system, and a nomenclature committee to help resolve any questions.
arrow The community maintains contact through an emailing list. To subscribe to the list send mail to with the message subscribe pombelist

If you need to remove your name, email the same address with the message unsubscribe pombelist
Coming soon: an S. pombe component of the GRID database of genetic and physical interactions