Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative


NIA/NIH Embryonic and Developmental Mouse cDNA Collection

The National Institutes on Aging, NIH, has generated cDNA collections from each preimplantation cleavage stage and periimplantation stage. Selected embryonic and fetal tissues have been assembled to supplement expressed sequence tag (EST) projects done with more easily accessible organs and tissues. The collections vary in average size from 1.5 kb (earlier libraries) to 2.5 kb (recent protocols). Based on the first 60,000 3'ESTs, a minimum set of unique genes, currently 15,000, has been sequenced at both 3' and 5' ends, and microarrays of that "15K NIA set" have been developed for gene expression profiling. The URL for this resource is Specific primer pairs for 4,000 novel cDNAs are being systematically mapped on the mouse genome at the MRC UK Mouse Genome Center:

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