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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Mutant Mouse Database

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has a collection of several hundred mouse stocks, most of which propagate mutations induced by radiations or chemicals in various stages of male or female gametogenesis. These mutation may range from single base-pair changes to rearrangements of various sizes, depending on mutagen and germ-cell stage. The colony also includes ORNL sublines of several standard inbred strains, and stocks that carry various combinations of mutant alleles that have originated at Oak Ridge or elsewhere.

Stocks listed in this database exist as one or more of the following: live
mice, frozen embryos, frozen sperm, frozen ovaries, and selected frozen
tissues. Until Spring of 2003, ORNL stocks will continue to be maintained in
a "conventional" colony that has been healthy for over 4 decades. We
anticipate a move of the ORNL colony to SPF barrier facilities to commence in Spring, 2003.

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