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Retinal Degeneration Rat Model Resource

The overall goal of this resource is to produce and distribute rat models of inherited retinal degenerations to vision scientists. Through support of the National Eye Institute, we maintain and provide all of the known, fully penetrant rat models of the retinitis pigmentosa family of retinal degenerations. These include the inbred, pink-eyed RCS strain; a pigmented RCS congenic strain with slowed rate of retinal dystrophy; pink-eyed and pigmented RCS congenic strains wild-type at the retinal dystrophy locus, which serve as genetic controls for the dystrophic lines; 3 lines of P23H mutant rhodopsin transgenic rats with different rates of retinal degeneration; and 5 lines of S334ter mutant rhodopsin transgenic rats with different rates of retinal degeneration. We typically provide breeding pairs of rats, but additional animals, tissues and other services are available. Animals are provided free of charge (except for shipping costs), but investigators must have IRB approval to work with rats for the proposed studies.

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Program contact:
Matthew M. LaVail, Ph.D
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