Program for Genomic Applications: Consomic Rat Developments

PhysGen Program is one of eleven projects supported by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, NIH, under its Program for Genomic Applications. The PhysGen Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin announced on April 5, 2002, that 72,595 physiological measurements and images have been released to the public with version 4 of the database.

The dissemination of PhysGen data, animals and bioinformatics resources to investigators is providing a valuable new tool to increase understanding of the genetic basis of fundamental mechanistic pathways of the heart, lung, kidney, blood and vasculature. More information about these consomic rats as well as all the phenotypic data can be found at the following URL:

For additional information about this resource, please contact:

Julie Messinger
PGA Program Coordinator
Medical College of Wisconsin