Rat Map Viewer

The Entrez Map Viewer is a software component of Entrez Genomes. It allows you to view an organism's complete genome, integrated maps (when available) for each chromosome, and sequence data for a region of interest.

The Map Viewer works best with the most recent versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer (IE). On the PC, it is backwards compatible to Netscape and IE version 3. Backwards compatibility is not guaranteed for the Macintosh platform.

Displays are provided at four levels of detail: (1)Home Page for an organism - summarizes the resources available for that organism; (2)Genome View - graphically displays the complete genome as a set of chromosome ideograms (to scale) and allows you to search for terms across the genome, showing the location of the hits on the chromosome ideograms; (3)Map View - presents one or more maps of interest for a selected chromosome, aligned to a Master Map that you select, and allows you to view regions of interest at different levels of resolution; and (4)Sequence View - displays the sequence data for a specific chromosomal region, and graphically depicts the
biological features that have been annotated on that region. The URL for Rat Map Viewer is: