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RFA on Developing the Potential of Xenopus Tropicalis as a Genetic Model

The National Institutes of Health is soliciting applications to examine the feasibility of using Xenopus tropicalis for standard genetic manipulations. The research proposed should optimize the conditions required to perform efficient, large-scale mutagenesis, and should use the optimized parameters to perform small-scale mutagenesis; phenotyping; and gene cloning, identification, and characterization. Mutant animals, protocols, and data produced by these projects should be made available to the scientific community. We anticipate that the mutants, data and procedures developed by the projects funded under this Request for Applications (RFA) will enable Xenopus tropicalis to play a significant role in identifying and characterizing genes that regulate cellular and developmental processes. This RFA is co-sponsored by the Trans-NIH Xenopus Working Group and by five Institutes (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Institute of Mental Health).

This RFA will use the R01 grant mechanism. Collectively, the participating institutes will provide up to $2.25 million (total cost) for the first year of funding.

Letters of Intent are due May 16, 2001. The application receipt date is July 11, 2001, and the anticipated award date is April 1, 2002.

The full text of this RFA can be found at: