Trans-NIH Zebrafish Initiative
Funding Opportunities


Development of Zebrafish Mutagenesis and Screening Tools (PA-01-070)

The National Institutes of Health is soliciting applications encouraging research designed to exploit the power of mutagenesis screening in zebrafish in order to detect and characterize genes, pathways, and phenotypes of interest in development and aging, organ formation, behavior, and disease processes. Applications that propose to advance the technologies associated with such phenotyping also are welcome. This Program Announcement is a continuation of the program initiated by RFA HD-00-004, "Mutagenesis Screens/Phenotyping Tools for Zebrafish" ( This effort stems from an NIH initiative with participation of Institutes and Centers, working though the Trans-NIH Zebrafish Coordinating Committee Since its formation in 1997, the Committee has played an active role as an advocate for the zebrafish as an important model for development and disease research.

This Program Announcement will use the National Institutes of Health (NIH) individual research project grant (R01) award mechanism. Applications are to be submitted on the grant application form PHS 398 (revised 4/98) and will be accepted annually on the following receipt dates: February 1, June 1 and October 1.

The full text of this Program Announcement is available at: