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The Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Sequencing Project

The project is based upon a collaboration between the Sanger Centre and the international zebrafish community as announced during the Sanger Centre Zebrafish Workshop 2000. Sequencing started in February 2001 by using a mixture of shotgun from BAC libraries and whole genome shotgun from plasmids. The data can be searched using the Centre’s BLAST server or downloaded via the FTP-site and will also be deposited regularly in the trace depository. Primary genomic sequence analysis including annotation will proceed through the Sanger Centre pipeline. The long term repository for curated annotation will be the zebrafish database ZFIN. The Sanger Centre will also consider requests from the zebrafish community to sequence specific BAC or PAC contigs.

This project is funded by the Wellcome Trust.
Additional information about this project can be obtained from this website: