Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative


McLaughlin Research Institute Mouse Mutagenesis Project

McLaughlin Research Institute has initiated a modest chemical mutagenesis program to identify genes that are relevant to the functions of amyloid precursor protein (APP) or prion protein (PrP). Both a first generation dominant screen and a three generation recessive screen for ENU-induced mutations are underway. The screen, which takes less than 5 minutes per mouse, targets behavioral or neurological abnormalities. Most of the mutations identified in the screen will not be in pathways relevant to APP or PrP function and many will be of little interest to scientists at McLaughlin Research Institute. Therefore, a list of phenodeviants and mutants is posted and these mice will be available for non-commercial use by the research community.

The URL for a description of the project and a link to the listing of phenodeviants and mutants is The site will be updated every two months.

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