Statement Regarding the National Academy of Future Physicians

The National Institutes of Health has received several inquiries from high school students and their families to ask if the NIH, and specifically NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins, has an ongoing role in the events offered by the National Academy of Future Physicians, also referred to by its web address, or its affiliated organizations, such as the National Leadership Academies. The inquiries arise because the National Academy of Future Physicians has included Dr. Collins’ name on its letterhead, and images of Dr. Collins and NIH’s Dr. William Gahl figure prominently on these websites.

We understand that these references may raise questions. Dr. Collins and Dr. Gahl did not specifically approve use of their names and images as anything other than in their roles as past speakers. They have no official or ongoing role in these or related organizations.

Additional information may be found in various media articles, including: The New York Times, Congratulations! You Are Nominated. It’s an Honor. (It’s a Sales Pitch.), April 13, 2009, and the Los Angeles Times, Don't expect this 'award' to help you enter college, January 29, 2016.

This page last reviewed on March 24, 2017