Portrait of female scientist by monitors with laser beam profiles and LabView code - stock photo

The proposed mission of ARPA-H could be to make pivotal investments in break-through technologies and broadly applicable platforms, capabilities, resources, and solutions that have the potential to transform important areas of medicine and health for the benefit of all patients and that cannot readily be accomplished through traditional research or commercial activity.

ARPA-H will:

  • Speed application and implementation of health breakthroughs to serve all patients
  • Foster breakthroughs across various levels — from the molecular to the societal 
  • Build capabilities and platforms to revolutionize prevention, treatment, and cures in a range of diseases
  • Support “use-driven” ideas focused on solving practical problems that advance equity and rapidly transform breakthroughs into tangible solutions for all patients.
  • Focus on multiple time-limited projects with different approaches to achieve a quantifiable goal.
  • Use a stage-gate process, with defined metrics, and inject accountability through meeting these metrics.
  • Overcome market failures through critical solutions or incentives
  • Use the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a model to establish a culture of championing innovative ideas in health and medicine.

This page last reviewed on March 30, 2022