Postdoctoral T32 and R01 Grant Outcomes

Based on 33,977 T32 post-doctoral participants who matriculated between 1995 and 2009, with relevant age, gender, and under-represented minority (URM) data, were followed for receipt as principal investigator (PI) of subsequent K and R01-equivalent awards – referred to collectively as R01s – through 2017.

Mike Lauer, NIH Deputy Director of Extramural Research, reports non-URM matriculants were supported as PI’s at a greater rate than URM matriculants.

Figure 1: Time to first R01 Award according to Under-Represented Minority (URM) Status

Figure 1: Line graph showing Lauer demographics of R01 outcomes for T23 participants. Non-URM: 29,981 zero years after matriculation; 29,615 five years after matriculation; 23,602 ten years after matriculation; 13,189 fifteen years after matriculation; 5157 twenty years after matriculation. URM: 3996 zero years after matriculation, 2963 five years after matriculation, 3124 ten years after matriculation, 1598 fifteen years after matriculation, 571 twenty years after matriculation.

Read more at: Further Demographic Analyses of NIH R01 Grant Outcomes of T32 Postdoctoral Participants.

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