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A smiling woman wearing sunglasses.

10 Tips for Healthy Eyes

Learn simple steps you can take to keep your eyes healthy and make sure you’re seeing your best.

A silhouette of a family holding hands and walking during sunset.

Cancer Survivorship: Adjusting to a New Normal

Many cancer survivors find that once treatment ends, transitioning to a new way of life can be hard. Browse advice and resources on life after cancer treatment.

An illustration of a man looking pensively at a box of donuts.

Curb Your Eating: Fight the Urge to Splurge

Have you ever tried to eat just one potato chip, or take just one bite of chocolate cake? Get the scoop on why a little nibble can trigger an urge to eat more.

A man pitching a baseball.

Bursitis and Tendinitis Basics

Learn about the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of these common conditions that involve inflammation of the tissues around muscles and bones.