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A dog getting a bath outside.

Tips for Coping with Pet Allergies

Bathing your dog each week is one tip to manage pet allergies. Check out the others if you’ve got animal allergies.

A young woman consulting with a doctor.

Keeping Tabs on Diabetes with the A1C Test

The A1C test is a blood test for monitoring your diabetes. It tells your average blood sugar (glucose) level over the past 3 months.

A man yawning on a train.

Falling Asleep in the Daytime?

Sleep apnea is caused by pauses in breathing while you’re asleep. One of the symptoms is excessive daytime sleepiness. Get the scoop on other symptoms and getting help.

A screenshot from the Surgery of the Future app of a virtual surgeon performing a procedure.

Explore Future Surgery Tools

With this free interactive app, you can see the surgery tools of the future. Float through a virtual 3-D operating room to learn about new imaging tools, robotics, and biomaterials.