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A woman looking at the fitness tracker on her wrist.

Biosensors for Better Health

Fitness trackers and other biosensors deliver results quickly and easily. Researchers are designing new biosensors to improve health and manage disease.

An image to test color blindness.

Are You Color Blind?

Some people can’t detect a difference between the colors red and green in a traffic signal. Get the scoop on the types of color blindness.

Two men on the beach holding a football.

Why Do We Get Middle-Age Spread?

An overactive enzyme may explain why the average American adult gains 30 pounds by about age 50.

A woman's legs in disheveled sheets.

Restless Legs Syndrome 101

Do you have legs that burn, tingle, or itch? Restless legs syndrome causes strong urges to move the legs. Such sensations are usually most severe when resting.