May 10, 2012

BSSR Lecture: Harnessing Systems Science Methodologies To Inform Public Policy

Speaker - BSSR Lecture Series

This symposium will demonstrate how systems science approaches (aka modeling and simulation) can be used to address policy-relevant questions, using childhood obesity as an exemplar. While doing so, it will showcase two mathematical (i.e., System Dynamics) models that are under development as a part of CompMod, the Comparative Modeling for Childhood Obesity Policy Network, which is part of the Envision network of mathematical and statistical modeling teams under NCCOR (the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research).

The symposium is designed to be accessible to audience members without a background in modeling. Each of two modeling projects will feature two speakers. The first speaker will describe the background of the problem that led to the need for mathematical models. The second speaker will explain the model building rationale and process along with some initial model outputs and interpretation. There will also be some description of: comparing models, the experiences and lessons learned in working on mathematical models for the first time, forming an interdisciplinary team, and working in a network of comparative modeling teams.

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