November 20, 2011

Dr. Stephen Katz

Dr. Stephen Katz thanks the nearly 300 friends of the NIAMS who are present for joining in the day's festivities, emphasizing the role of the NIAMS' many partners that make its work possible, including patients, the public, and the professional and patient groups that make up the NIAMS Coalition. Noting that much of the work honored by the symposium is really the result of trans-NIH partnerships, he says, "These collaborations are really how the NIH works, and how the NIH works best." Katz directs the audience's attention to the NIAMS 25th Anniversary Milestone Banner, which highlights a representative snapshot of NIAMS-supported research over the years, as well as the Institute's interactions with researchers, clinicians, patients, and the public. Katz thanks the NIAMS staff, calling them "one of our Institute's most valuable resources," and discusses the accomplishments of his predecessors, the late Dr. Lawrence Shulman, a world-renowned rheumatologist who served as the first NIAMS Director, from 1986 to 1994, and Dr. Michael Lockshin, who led the NIAMS as its Acting Director following Dr. Shulman's retirement.

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