November 20, 2011

John Porter

Taking the audience back to the time before "iPads, iPhones, and Twitter," the Honorable John Edward Porter reminds the audience of how the NIAMS has changed the research landscape, saying, "Twenty-five years ago, there was no Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic to diagnose and treat children with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. Twenty-five years ago, the discovery of proteins that regulate bone growth and repair—findings which paved the way for advances in bone-grafting and cartilage regeneration—had yet to occur. Today, the millions of people living with arthritis, lupus, inherited skin disorders, and other diseases are grateful for these and other findings." Porter also discusses the current budget climate from the perspective of someone who served many years on the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee that oversees the NIH budget, emphasizing the need for both political parties to work together to resolve the nation's budget crisis. He notes that it was a Democrat and a Republican working together, "Congressmen Henry Waxman of California and the late Ed Madigan of Illinois, who formally established the NIAMS 25 years ago." Porter encourages bench scientists and clinicians to create opportunities to share their stories of medical research and breakthroughs with the public and Congress.

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