The IMPROVE initiative currently uses existing grants and research infrastructure. Over $7 million was awarded in September 2020 to support 36 projects through a Notice of Special Interest: Administrative Supplements for NIH grants to Add or Expand Research Focused on Maternal Mortality, NOT-OD-20-104, with the following goals:

  • Incorporate community partnerships and participation in research into domestic maternal mortality and pregnancy-related and pregnancy-associated morbidity to resolve health disparities and attain equity in maternal health.
  • Expand research on the leading causes of maternal mortality and pregnancy-related and pregnancy-associated morbidity in the United States to strengthen evidence-based care and prevention strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Develop an integrated understanding of pregnancy-related and pregnancy-associated morbidity and maternal mortality causes, including underlying comorbidities, and mechanisms to identify preventable risk factors and develop early effective interventions.

These awards are a first step, with more trans-NIH opportunities and partnerships expected in 2021.

Funded Projects

A complete list of funded projects to date is available at NIH Reporter.

This page last reviewed on September 29, 2020