The National Institutes of Health (NIH) does not tolerate pervasive or severe harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, whether it is within the agency, at research organizations that receive NIH funding, or anywhere else NIH-funded activities are conducted. Only in safe and respectful work environments can individuals achieve their greatest potential and carry out the important work that supports the NIH mission. To foster a work environment free from sexual harassment, NIH is bolstering policies, guidelines, requirements, and communications to make our expectations clear to the NIH workforce and NIH-funded organizations, and to take appropriate actions within our authority. We also want to ensure that individuals know their rights, where to report incidents of sexual harassment, and the resources available to them.

NIH strongly encourages people to report allegations of sexual harassment or assault to the appropriate authorities, which may include your local police department or your organization/institution equal employment opportunity (EEO) or human resources offices.