National Institutes of Hope: Help Us Help You

No matter who you are—researcher, health professional, patient, student, businessperson, or just somebody interested in how medical research can make the world a better place—NIH needs your help. Here are just a few of the many things you can do to advance our mission of hope.

Speak Out

Tell others about the impact of NIH research. Here are some stats on how it boosts our nation’s health and economy.

Join Us

Volunteer to join NIH’s new All of Us Research Program. Or consider taking part in a clinical trial. You can search for studies at

Team Up

Explore innovative opportunities to work with NIH to advance biomedical research through public-private partnerships.

Take Care of Yourself

We can all use science-based strategies to become our healthiest selves.

Look Ahead

Learn what NIH is doing to support the next generation of researchers. If you’re a student thinking about a career in science, check out these training opportunities.

This page last reviewed on December 17, 2019