National Institutes of Hope: Help Us Help You

No matter who you are—researcher, health professional, patient, student, businessperson, or just somebody interested in how medical research can make the world a better place—NIH needs your help. Here are just a few of the many things you can do to advance our mission of hope.

A nurse embraces a cancer patient.

Speak Out

Tell others about the impact of NIH research. Here are some stats on how it boosts our nation’s health and economy.

A crowd of happy people looking up at the camera.

Join Us

Volunteer to join NIH’s new All of Us Research Program. Or consider taking part in a clinical trial. You can search for studies at

Close-up of a business man shaking hands with a female researcher.

Team Up

Explore innovative opportunities to work with NIH to advance biomedical research through public-private partnerships.

A mother and her son cutting vegetables.

Take Care of Yourself

We can all use science-based strategies to become our healthiest selves.

Female researcher in the lab.

Look Ahead

Learn what NIH is doing to support the next generation of researchers. If you’re a student thinking about a career in science, check out these training opportunities.

This page last reviewed on December 21, 2017