December 10, 2006

A Statement from the NIH Director, Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., Regarding the “National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2006”

“I commend Congress for its overwhelming bipartisan show of support and confidence in the National Institutes of Health.   The passage of the 2006 NIH reauthorization bill is an affirmation of the importance of NIH and its vital role in advancing biomedical research to improve the health of the Nation.  The legislation preserves the core authorities of NIH, while adding new tools to maximize NIH’s effectiveness. Congress has taken an important step towards modernizing the operation of NIH, in conformance with a new era of science. It brings greater hope for the many people across the Nation and around the world suffering from disease and disability.   It also increases our future potential for pre-empting disease before it strikes and improving people’s health...

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