March 9, 2020

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NIH Guidance on Travel and Meetings

IH hosts a large number of scientific meetings and symposia and has been receiving many questions from the NIH community about whether to travel to meetings at NIH facilities or organized by NIH during the coronavirus outbreak. In support of the Office of Personnel Management guidance to strengthen our efforts to protect the federal workforce to ensure continuity of operations, NIH is urging staff to limit work-related attendance at large meetings to those that are mission critical. NIH also is urging that all large meetings and symposia that are not mission critical and are scheduled to be held at NIH facilities or organized by NIH either be held virtually using tele/videoconferencing services, postponed, or cancelled. This guidance continues on a rolling 45-day schedule and notification will be provided when this guidance is lifted.* You will hear directly from organizers of NIH meetings about these changes.

*This guidance was updated on March 25, 2020, to reflect a rolling 45-day schedule.

This page last reviewed on March 25, 2020