May 30, 2012

Carl Henn Memorial Bicycle Advocacy Award 2012

The NIH Bicycle Commuter Club presented the first Carl Henn Memorial Bicycle Advocacy Award to Angela Atwood-Moore on Bike to Work Day, May 18 2012. Participating in the award ceremony at the Building One Pit Stop on the NIH campus in Bethesda Maryland, were Atwood-Moore, Diane Bolton, organizer of the NIH's Bike to Work Day, Nancy Breen a bicycle advocate and colleague of the late Carl Henn — and Henn's wife Carol, daughter Jessica, and his parents, Dwight and Diane Henn. Carl Henn was co-founder and president of the NIH Bicycle Commuter Club and a dedicated environmentalist, who died after being struck by lightning in a Rockville park in 2010. Atwood-Moore, who succeeded him as president of the Club, was honored for accomplishments, including the "NIH Bike Bucks" program, which allows NIH commuters to earn cash vouchers for miles ridden, which are redeemable at participating bike shops and the NIH Fitness Center. This year's award presentation video is followed by footage of the late Carl Henn at the NIH Executive Boulevard Pit Stop (which he established) on Bike to Work Day 2008 and 2010.

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