Grant Announcements and Results

Congratulations, your PI has been awarded a grant from NIH and you want to publicize the award or perhaps the results from the funded research — We can help!

The NIH Office of Extramural Research has developed a guide to acknowledging NIH funding. It should be helpful both for communications offices as well as for PIs. Here’s how to correctly identify NIH support in press releases, papers, posters, and presentations:

The site - “Communicating and Acknowledging Federal Funding” - contains information on the following topics:

If the results of your PI’s NIH-funded research has been accepted for publication…

Congratulations! To ensure that all NIH-funded research becomes freely available to the public within 12 months of the official publication, scientists must submit final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from NIH funds to PubMed Central immediately upon acceptance for publication. You can read more about the public access policy at:

In addition, we want to work with you in disseminating this hard work! Keep us in the loop about your major publications, breaking news, or press release planning! The earlier that we know about your exciting news and results, the more resources and assistance we can provide to you. Not sure which NIH IC(s) funded this research? Look for the for the two letter code in at the grant number(s) of the award supporting this work, (in this instance, GM, which is NIGMS)

Other ways to spread the word about NIH awards and/or interesting research resulting from NIH-funding:

  • Encourage your PIs to talk as much as possible about the importance of their work, and NIH’s support of their work, in all types of venues, whether it be with their neighbors, in professional arenas, or with people in positions of leadership.
  • #SocialMedia! This resource is an effective tool for sharing your news quickly and broadly. Work with your NIH funding IC for guidance on creating social media messages for sharing pertinent news. If appropriate, the funding NIH IC can also share significant announcements and press releases on their dedicated social media channels and web sites.
  • Tap into professional organizations! Encourage these organizations to acknowledge federal funding (refer them to the acknowledging NIH funding webpage) in stories about NIH-supported research in their magazines, newsletters, and other communications.
  • Media outreach! Is your research a part of a major study involving multiple institutions? If so, reach out to the NIH IC (or ICs) that funded your PI's research, or contact us directly (link to to see if this could be a good avenue to use media outlets to cover the story.
  • Clinical research recruitment! Do you need to recruit subjects for NIH-funded clinical research? Your trial should be featured on our web page: ‘Clinical Trials and You’: This site not only leads one to current trials that are open but provides a foundation about why clinical research is important and encourages participation. For educational resources about why clinical trial participation is important, please visit:

This page last reviewed on December 17, 2018