Voices of the NIH Community

Share Our Stories

Help us extend the reach of the stories in the Voices of the NIH Community collection.  Consider incorporating the stories into your presentations, your institution’s events and programming, or your communications with your communities, as a way of personalizing the important work you do.

Here are some ways you can use the collection:

  • Share a story on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account.
  • Feature a story or the project on your website.
  • Highlight a story in your newsletters, publications, or blog posts.
  • Play a story at an event.
  • Incorporate a story into presentations at conferences or meetings.
  • Include the stories in an exhibit.
  • Install a listening station.
  • Create a program for your institution’s or local radio station.
  • Use in media events or with editorial boards.
  • Organize a listening session for your community.
  • Provide a CD of the collection to your stakeholders.

If you’d like to link to our website or any specific story, you are welcome to do so at any time.  If you need a copy of the audio file, photos, or transcript, please sign the Agreement on Permissible Uses and send it to us at storycorps@nih.gov, along with information on the stories you need and how you’re planning to use them.

We know that there any many additional uses for our stories beyond what we listed above and we encourage you to think creatively.  We just ask that you contact us at storycorps@nih.gov to discuss any ideas beyond what’s listed on this page so we can adhere to our contractual agreement with StoryCorps and ensure that all uses are consistent with their mission and policies.

Thanks for helping us amplify these stories!

This page last reviewed on July 20, 2016