Voices of the NIH Community

NIH has partnered with StoryCorps, a national oral history project, to capture and preserve the stories of those connected with the extensive and diverse NIH community. Through their narratives, patients, loved ones, researchers, staff, and others tell the multifaceted story of the NIH, its work, its community and its impact. You can listen to the stories by clicking on the links below. We hope these stories help capture the emotional significance of our community’s work and the lives we touch and we encourage you to share them with your friends, colleagues, organizations, and communities.

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NIH Saved My Life

In these stories, patients, family members, doctors and nurses describe their experiences saving lives and being saved with NIH research.

So Much We Still Don’t Know

These powerful stories convey how painful loss is and how much more research is still needed.

When Surviving the Disease Is Not the Only Challenge

NIH is a special safe place for people facing stigma as well as disease. Here, survivors and caregivers describe coping with an illness and the world’s reaction to it.

The Care in Healthcare

These four stories reveal the strong bonds that form between research doctors, nurses and their patients.

Clinical Trials

In this group of stories, patients in clinical trials talk about their experiences, questions, hopes, and fears.

NIH Employees

NIH employees share some of their unique and rewarding experiences working at the NIH.

The NIH You May Not Know

These stories reveal lesser known NIH-funded efforts and their profound impact.

To request an audio file, please complete an Agreement on Permissible Uses form, indicate which segment(s), and send to storycorps@nih.gov.

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