Exploratory Grants for Climate Change - Funded Projects

Drexel University
Drexel Climate Change and Urban Health Research Center (CCUH)
Principal Investigator: 
Ana Diez Roux

  • CCUH aims to build institutional capacity at Drexel and at three partner sites included in this formative Center (University of California Berkeley, University of São Paulo in Brazil, and INCAP in Guatemala) to support action-oriented research on the impacts of climate change on population health and health inequities in diverse cities across the Americas.
  • The center will support research to understand what cities can do to protect the growing urban populations of the world from the adverse effects of climate change in ways that promote health and equity.

Emory University
Emory Climate & Health Actionable Research and Translation Center (CHART)
Principal Investigator: 
Yang Liu

  • CHART aims to become a hub that will advance and translate research on climate risks to protect the health of under-resourced urban populations.
  • The Center’s research project will be focused on heat-related illness in Atlanta, GA, and will examine factors related to physiologic susceptibility and factors along exposure pathways that may lead to disparities in illness outcomes.

Tufts University
Futureproofing Health: Developing a Center for Resilient Health in Disasters
Principal Investigator: Erin Coughlan de Perez

  • The Center for Climate and Health glObal Research on Disasters (CORD) will support the development of feasible, actionable, culturally appropriate Anticipatory Action plans to prevent and/or ameliorate health impacts associated with climate-related disasters.
  • CORD will build research infrastructure and enable cutting-edge research via 6 case studies conducted in under-served at risk communities in the Global South (Bangladesh, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Philippines, Uganda).

University of Arizona
Southwest Center on Resilience for Climate Change and Health (SCORCH)
Principal Investigators: Kacey Ernst, Mona Arora, and Joseph Hoover

  • SCORCH’s focus is on climate change-exacerbated health threats to Arid land Communities and adaptation efforts by Indigenous, Latinx, low-resource urban, and rural communities in the Southwestern United States and globally.
  • Three research focus groups will be supported: 1) Health effects of extreme weather events, 2) Forecasting and Early Warning, and 3) Adaptive Responses to the Built Environment.

University of California, San Diego
Global Center on Climate Change and Water Energy Food Health Systems
Principal Investigator: Wael Al-Delaimy

  • The Global Center on Climate Change and Water Energy Food Health Systems (GC3WEFH) will work on water scarcity and health in vulnerable communities in the Middle East, in the context of the Water-Energy-Food-Health nexus and climate change.
  • The center’s research will address the impacts of climate change on water, energy, food, and health systems in the climate-vulnerable communities of the Azraq Basin in Jordan.

This page last reviewed on October 31, 2023