Volunteer Story: Lisa (hormonal changes at midlife — healthy volunteer)

My name is Lisa. I participated in an NIH clinical trial as a healthy volunteer. The goal of this trial was to measure hormonal and mental changes as a woman goes through menopause. Every six months, I participated in several types of memory-related tests, along with blood pressure and blood work.

I got to know the physician-scientist who gave me the tests, as well as the excellent nursing staff. She seemed to take a real interest in my health, often making appropriate observations that I hadn’t realized. (There can be a wide range of “healthy.”) She even offered to provide referrals for some health issues unrelated to the study.

While this was only one experience, participating in this clinical trial gave me some insights into how quality clinical research is done. Both the doctor and nurses answered any questions I had about the overall study and what they were finding, making me feel part of a larger effort to help women who experience severe difficulties with this phase of life.

This page last reviewed on November 20, 2023