IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — Thursday, February 9, 2017

Announcements – Francis Collins

Dr. Collins (DIR) reported on a recent Congressional visit to the NIH, during which members visited intramural labs, were updated on NIH initiatives such as the BRAIN initiative, and met with NIH trainees. Dr. Collins also provided updates on NIH’s communications with the new administration at HHS.

Orphan Applications – Mike Lauer and Jon Lorsch

Dr. Lorsch (NIGMS) presented information from an NIH working group charged with providing recommendations to address different types of challenges with reviewing and funding certain applications or research topics (i.e., “orphan” applications). The discussion focused on implementation of the recommendations and opportunities to streamline the grants application and review processes.

Pre-prints and Other Interim Research Products – Mike Lauer, Jon Lorsch, and Neil Thakur

Dr. Thakur (OER) presented on the results of a request for information that queried the research community about attitudes towards scientific impacts and potential policies surrounding pre-print products. Discussion topics included citation of preprints in research publications and grant applications.

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