IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — April 18, 2013

Announcements: Francis Collins and Larry Tabak

Dr. Collins provided updates on the FY13 and FY14 budgets and mentioned the upcoming Appropriations Hearing on May 15, 2013. A description of LabYouTube, a project that will allow institutions and researchers to share short vignettes about their research with the public through a dedicated YouTube channel, was also provided.

Dr. Tabak updated the group on the ACD Working Group initiatives to include Diversity, Big Data, and Biomedical Research Workforce, and provided information on the STEM program reorganization.

ClinicalTrials.gov: Kathy Hudson and Betsy Humphries

Drs. Kathy Hudson and Betsy Humphries (NLM) provided updates on the draft NPRM for Clinical Trials Registration and Results Submission and recent policy changes. The changes focus on ensuring consistency with the language of the statute and the balance between benefit and burden. The IC Directors were appreciative of the update and understood the complexity and effort involved in the regulation and the rulemaking process.

FY13 Central Services Reductions: Griffin Rodgers

Dr. Griffin Rodgers (NIDDK) provided an overview of the Management and Budget Working Group’s (MBWG) sequestration budget recommendations. The MBWG proposed that NIH assess services for elimination in a coordinated manner, that programs drive the level of services that are provided, and that specific attention be paid to strategically defining the role and funding mechanism of the Clinical Center. The information provided and recommendations of the MBWG were well received.

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