IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — April 3, 2014


Dr. Collins mentioned recent appointments and departures of NIH senior staff. The Porter Neuroscience Center dedication and neuroscience symposium also were briefly discussed.

Senate Appropriation Hearing Debrief: Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci, Gary Gibbons, Story Landis, Harold Varmus, and Chris Austin

Drs. Collins (DIR), Fauci (NIAID), Gibbons (NHLBI), Landis (NINDS), Varmus (NCI), and Austin (NCATS) provided an overview of the Senate Appropriation Hearing in which they participated. The discussion focused on the items raised during the hearing.

Science of Behavior Change Program: Richard Hodes

Dr. Hodes (NIA) provided an overview of the importance, goals, initiatives, and budget of the Common Fund program on the Science of Behavior Change. The discussion focused on the current initiatives and the budget.

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