IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — August 14, 2014


Dr. Collins provided brief updates on the Ebola response efforts, emergent legislative issues, the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy, NIH efforts related to funded clinical trials, and a potential NIH visit by Secretary Burwell of HHS.

Single IRB Policy

Dr. Hudson provided an overview for the proposed single IRB policy for NIH-funded human subjects research, including the timeline for implementation.

The proposal was discussed, and the ICDs were supportive of moving forward, with Dr. Hudson keeping them updated on its progress.

KOMP and Common Fund FY16

Dr. Battey and Dr. Anderson gave the ICDs an overview of the Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) and the Knockout Mouse Production and Phenotyping (KOMP2) effort. This is a trans-NIH initiative to creete quality mouse knockouts. Information on the progress of the project and its current timeline was discussed. ICDs discussed the outcomes and were appreciative of the update.

Dr. Anderson provided an overview of potential Common Fund concepts for FY16, and the ICDs provided feedback. Dr. Anderson planned to discuss the feedback with staff and return to the ICDs with an update.

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