IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — August 28, 2014


Dr. Collins provided brief updates on the Ebola vaccine trials, the NIH Lab Sweep, and the rescheduling of an NIH visit by Secretary Burwell of HHS. The issue of ethical considerations for Ebola vaccine trials was suggested for further discussion by IC Directors at a subsequent meeting.

Modular Grants

Dr. Landis provided an update on the EAWG discussions and recommendations regarding the budget caps for modular grants. Some of the concerns about the current budget cap are changing research costs, perceptions of investigators, and broader effects on the research enterprise.

There was a vigorous discussion and the ICDs voted to discuss this topic further at a subsequent IC Directors’ meeting.

IT Governance Model

Dr. Tabak and Ms. Barros provided an update on the HHS IT Governance Model. IC Directors were appreciative of the information and Ms. Barros stated that she would keep them updated on its progression.

Procurement Forecast

Ms. Barros also provided an update on the HHS efforts to ensure savings by consolidating procurement efforts across the department. She also stated that she would continue to the keep the ICDs updated on this issue.

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