IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — August 8, 2013


Dr. Collins provided updates on the August 1st visit of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD), and H7N9 Gain of Function Experiments. Additionally, he also covered recent visits to NIH by various Congressional members as well as provided status of FY2014 Appropriations as of August recess.

Lacks Update: Kathy Hudson

Dr. Kathy Hudson provided an update on agreement with the Lacks family on HeLa cell genome data. NIH and the Lacks family reached agreement that HeLa cells will be mapped and NIH and Lacks family will allow controlled access to limited number of biomedical researchers.

CF Concepts for FY15: James Anderson and Elizabeth Wilder

Drs. James Anderson and Elizabeth Wilder provided an overview of the Common Fund Strategic Planning process. Additionally, their presentation included updates on FY2012/FY2013 planning for FY14/FY15. Moving into the next phase of planning for FY15 and prioritization of concepts was also discussed.

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