IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — December 8, 2014


Dr. Collins welcomed everyone to the meeting and provided an overview of the Presidential visit last week, as well as the status of the FY 2015 appropriations bills, including funds for Ebola research. A brief summary of the new single IRB policy also was provided.

Rigor Implementation: Sally Rockey

Dr. Rockey (OER) provided a definition for scientific rigor and expanded upon the need for differing terminology – scientific rigor and transparency, rather than reproducibility. She also summarized the proposed modifications to the application instructions and progress reports, including scientific rigor/premise, authentication of resources, and sex as a biological variable, and the notification strategy. The discussion focused on location of these items in the application instructions, and there were concerns about the burden placed on applicants.

AIDS Portfolio Update: Jack Whitescarver

Dr. Whitescarver (OAR) presented a brief overview of the NIH AIDS portfolio, and a summary of the AIDS Research Portfolio Review Working Group’s recommendations, priority areas, and identified areas requiring further assessment. The discussion centered on the difficulties of classifying AIDS-related research, especially basic research.

ACD LT-IRP Working Group Update: Larry Tabak

Dr. Tabak (DEPD) summarized the recommendations developed by the ACD Long-Term Intramural Research Program (LT-IRP) Planning Working Group.  The discussion focused on areas/recommendations of concern and those in which the ICDs were supportive, and the potential steps to take going forward.

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