IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — February 11, 2016

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins provided an overview of the budget and the recent budget rollout events, as well as other Congressional activities and meetings. Brief updates on Zika virus-related activities were given.

FY15 FEVS Results: Rich Southers

Mr. Southers (OHR) presented an overview of the FY15 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results. The discussion focused on how IC Directors can promote employees taking the survey, as well as demonstrating the impact of the results.

Basic Research in Public Health Relevance Section of Applications: Mike Lauer

Dr. Lauer (DDER) provided a summary of the suggested changes to the instructions for the Public Health Relevance section of grant applications. The discussion centered on what language could/should be changed, how it should be modified, the process for doing so, and implementation and communication with the community.

Flint Water Contamination Update: Linda Birnbaum

Dr. Birnbaum (NIEHS) provided a summary of the potential health impact of the Flint water contamination issue, and the activities that HHS, particularly NIH, is supporting to assist with the response and research. The discussion centered on the exposure levels, known and unknown health outcomes, and the response and prevention efforts.

NCI R50 Staff Scientist Program: Doug Lowy, Dinah Singer


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