IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — February 14, 2013


Dr. Collins provided brief remarks on the President’s State of the Union speech, including the mention of the Brain Activity Map.  He also noted a recent visit by Senator Cardin and an upcoming visit by Senator Mikulski.  Finally, he gave a brief update on conference planning.

FY14 Common Fund Update: Jim Anderson and Betsy Wilder

Dr. Mary Perry, Office of Strategic Coordination, provided an update on FY14 Common Funding plans on behalf of Drs. Anderson and Wilder.  Illuminating the Druggable Genome is a proposal in progress that aims to develop functional information about understudied proteins in the “druggable” genome.  Goals would include developing new technologies, establishing a new data resource, and providing supplies for research support.

IC Directors were interested in the interface between the druggable genome and potential targets or pathways that have been identified by GWAS studies.  They discussed similar efforts that pharma has made in recent years and expressed interest in focusing the goals more.

Updates: Colleen Barros and Larry Tabak

Ms. Barros and Dr. Tabak provided brief updates on management and budget topics.

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