IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — February 20, 2014


Dr. Collins mentioned several upcoming Congressional visits, meetings, and hearings. Information about the scheduled visit by His Holiness the Dalai Lama also was provided.

Central Services FY14 Budget Discussion: Griffin Rodgers and Steve Katz

Drs. Rodgers (NIDDK) and Katz (NIAMS) described the recommendations from the budget review process and the Clinical Center Governing Board, as well as recommendations focused on IT strategic administration initiatives. The discussion focused on the specific concerns about the recommendations and their implementation.

Changes in the NIH-Lasker Research Scholars Program: Michael Gottesman

Dr. Gottesman (DDIR) presented a summary of the NIH-Lasker Research Scholars Program, including a program overview, candidate eligibility, the selection process, and challenges faced. An overview of proposed changes was provided as well. The discussion focused on potential areas in which the program could be modified or enhanced to increase its status.

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