IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — February 5, 2015

Announcements: Francis Collins

Dr. Collins (DIR) provided a recap of the recent Precision Medicine Initiative events. An overview of Congressional visits and hearings, and the proposed bills impacting NIH funding that were introduced in Congress recently also was presented. Dr. Collins discussed the upcoming NIH-FDA Leadership Council as well.

FY16 President’s Budget Request: Neil Shapiro

Neil Shapiro (OB) presented an overview of the FY16 President’s Budget Request, including mention of the BRAIN Initiative, Alzheimer’s disease, and Precision Medicine. The discussion focused on the anticipated number of RPGs and success rates for FY16.

Rigor and Reproducibility Implementation Update: Sally Rockey

Dr. Rockey (DDER) provided an update on the ongoing efforts to include rigor and reproducibility components, including scientific premise, within the grant application. The IC Directors discussed the specifics of how these changes will be integrated into the grant application and review process, and their concerns about the potential implications.

National Children’s Study (NCS) Funding Redirection: Larry Tabak

Dr. Tabak (DEPD) presented a more detailed overview of the plan for the redistribution of NCS funds, which was recently cleared by Council of Councils. Dr. Jim Anderson (DPCPSI) discussed the Gabriela Miller Kid’s First Research Act and how the programs that will be developed will be integrated into and synergized with the NCS redirection and other initiatives. The discussion focused on details of the projects, as well as support of the projects going forward.

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