IC Directors’ Meeting Highlights — January 31, 2013


Dr. Collins provided brief updates on the recent meeting of world leaders in Davos, as well as a meeting in NYC on large genomic data sharing.  Additionally, he highlighted the recent Barmes lecture.  Finally, he noted the policy on publications written by NIH employees.

National Clinical Research Network Concept: Harlan Krumholz and Joe Selby

Drs. Krumholz (Yale) and Selby (PCORI) presented a concept for a national clinical research network.  They suggested a re-imagine of the research enterprise to overcome challenges of patient engagement and data completeness to achieve the goal of better, faster, and cheaper solutions.  They proposed new network approaches to engage healthcare delivery organizations and patients.  The aim is for PCORI to be a catalyst in a way that is more difficult for NIH and others.  The IC Directors were generally enthusiastic about this concept.   

Violence Prevention Update: Tom Insel

Dr. Insel provided an update on the issues surrounding mental illness, gun control, and violence following the Newtown shootings.  HHS and Congress have been very involved in identifying efforts in these areas.

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